Limra ie the company believes that the customer service is first and foremost a moral obligation towards them and the responsibility of trying to do it the best way possible, and the basis of this faith and keen to serve their customers efficiently and effectively. Has to Limra ie allocate a section on customer service, means to communicate with customers and receive their requests and complaints and suggestions and will direct them to the relevant departments so, as divisions of technical support, training and development for the later follow-up and work on them urgently and patients, applied at all stages of his work.

It services the company through which the application of the system at the client site where strictly advisory port to supervise and assist in the client data entry into the system and get all the output required by the client, making sure the proper conduct of the various operations of the system performance and the effectiveness of the process.
It is a technical guidance provided by the consultant for Clients in order to benefit from the system as effectively and overcome the technical problems related to the work environment at the client, and that may result from the lack of ability of the client in alignment between the order details and the specifics of his work. As for the Limra ie providing advisory services to those who want to move from manual labor to work.
- Free services for a full year.      - Permanent maintenance wages symbolic service.      - Remote maintenance services which are made through telephone lines and via the Internet.      - Emergency maintenance services in the holidays and public holidays. Doing the competent team of engineers and maintenance technicians tasks, a great deal of experience and skill.
They make changes in the system so that software complies strictly with the customer's own requirements. Training and rehabilitation services: And where the training is to provide service to customers on our systems systematically and orderly to ensure the user of the system to absorb properly and comprehensively, as well as to provide the trainee with evidence using detailed help him to remember what may miss his memory.    And works to accomplish that another team of trainers with high qualification and long experience.

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