Al Motakamel Plus Accounting System

In order to meet market needs and as a result of growth of our business concerning of the big quantum of transactions or the increasing in users number either in internal(Local) network within organization or wide network that covers big geographical areas, in addition to accompanying the speedy technological development in database field, enabling our clients to take advantage of that development to improve their businesses, we develop Al Motakamel Plus+ Accounting System to grow the investments of our client and to secure the investments of our prospective clients.  

Most prevalent in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf region, the system has seen his best and biggest of Chartered Accountants in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, competence andsuitability of different accounting laws of those countries,  you can find these certificates in theOfficial system.

The Components of Al Motakamel Plus+:

  1. 1- Accounting Management System
  2. 2- Inventory Management System
  3. 3- Purchase Management System
  4. 4- Sales Management System

You will gain the following advantages: With the following new features

The system was developed by using the most up-to-date database (MS SQL Server 2008)

To enable user to acquire the following benefits:

  1. High level of data security, safety, and protection.
  2. Non-stop any more because of increasing of transactions volume or users number.
  3. Saving money of investment by connecting with network, since users can be connected to the internet at good prices and according to their budgets to have online services.
  4. No need for stopping, data re-entry or users retraining. We update data by a click.
  5. No need for new investment in hardware since system upgrade will be with the same hardware, system expanding and upgrade can be done either with server upgrading or with hosting from service providers, according to user demand.
  6. Reducing costs of financial or accounting work by giving authorities to users.
  7. Wherever user either in organization or faraway, he can view all work processes through the internet. No more worries about loss of opportunities or risks of loss because user can access work environment wherever he is.
  8. Future requirements which serve business sectors are what we care about, our future versions will be included such requirements and guarantee fulfillment of clients objectives and expectations.  
  9. You can order request from one of the existing states where YemenSoft (Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Bahrain, Kenya) and also from the rest of the MiddleEast and the Gulf Arab states via the authorized representatives.