User's Manual For Accounting System َAlmotkamel

Download User's Manual for accounting system of Limra Soft and Ultimate Solutions Saudi Arabia Al motkamel for Small businesses .

Point-Of-Sale System

* The optimal solutions for all retail sales stores.
* Calculation of sales amounts through scan reading of item number by barcode scanner.
* Issuing sales invoice for customer with details of items sold.
* Handling returns of partial and whole sales, doing the inventory effect accordingly.
* Issuing reports required for sales processes in each point of sales.

Al Motakamel Lite System

The most important functions of Al motakamel Lite System:

1- Management of established branches’ Sales and which they operate points and centers of sale.
2- Direct sales to customers and sale invoices and sales returns in the branches.
3- Exchange sales and stock data in the headquarters and branches, and updated them by the system synchronization.
4- Recording bills of exchange and receivable in branches by a separate sequence.

Procurement Management System

The most important functions of a procurement management system are:

1- Handling cash purchase and credit purchase and record the purchase orders and its returns.
2- Automated handling with the free quantities by multiple options.
3- Automated impact of stores and accounts of all operations and procurement procedures.
4- Issuing reports of Purchase and suppliers balances by different ways detailed and total .

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The most important functions of warehouse management system:

1- Processing the inventory operation from the orders of supply and voucher and arranged them according to different sequences.
2- The inventory impact on the stores by quantity and cost.
3- Issue the reports of stock and stock’s movement by different ways are detailed or overall.

Sales Management System

The most important functions of the sales management system:

1- The management of sales and customers by a modern and sophisticated method.
2- The automatic processing for cash and credit sales, and its returns and the financial impact on the accounts.
3- Impact on stores for quantity and value in the case of sales and returns
4- Issue of sales’ reports and customers’ balances by different ways are detailed and total.

Accounting Management System

The most important functions of accounting management system:

1- Recording the financial operations of the entries, bonds, and order them according to different sequences.
2- Create a compatible chart of accounts for the facility and its activity.
3- direct financial impact on the accounts at the balancing for the various documents.
4- Review the general daily reports and statements of account and financial statements by multiple options , analytical and synthesis.

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