Points Sale System


System's Benefits

1- Eliminating the miscalculation, pricing, and clients jam queue.

2- The speed, accuracy, and flexibility at point of sale, serving much more clients.

 3- System processes and issues sale invoices, return invoices, and free items and deals with it according to setting defined.

 4- Controlling users’ privileges through which they deal with system functions.

 5- The easiness and swiftness of sale process at several points with one invoice during working time.

 6- Monitoring the sales transaction in sale center or at points of sales in one center .

 7- Dealing with credit cards as one of payment options available, and dealing mechanically with various currencies.

 8- Viewing all invoices according to certain conditions from start of using System till time of showing reports.

 9- Full integration of P.O.S system with the application of Motakamel Plus.


System's Functions

  • The optimal solutions for all retail sales stores.
  • Calculation of sales amounts through scan reading of item number by barcode scanner.
  • Issuing sales invoice for customer with details of items sold.
  • Handling returns of partial and whole sales, doing the inventory effect accordingly.
  • Issuing reports required for sales processes in each point of sales.

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    Manufacturing sector

    Meet their requirements process and satisfy their aspirations to provide the best solutions to their problems.
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    Commercial sector

    Develop a performance to save energy and money and time and to achieve an increase in productivity..
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    Services and construction sector

    Help them make informed decisions regarding their business related..
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    Cost effective

    The company has many products that can be used as an independent program, or offer customers.

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